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Going back to school is one of life’s greatest joys and being able to afford college puts the icing on cake because this gives you the benefit of going to college and finishing a goal you may have had for quite some time. A “mom scholarship” can help you go to college for free without requiring you to spend money for your schooling. These scholarships can give you anywhere from $1000- $35,000 to help you finish your college education depending on where you get your scholarship from. In this article we will discuss two types of mom scholarships that can give you money that you do not have to pay back.

An example of a mom scholarship is the Legacy Award that gives students up to $1000 to pay for their college tuition and books. In order to qualify for this scholarship you need to take the SAT or ACT, and then a committee will evaluate your application and your test scores. This scholarship is not need-based which means that you will not have to display a particular need in order to get this mom scholarship.

Another example of a moms scholarship is a grant which will give you $500 or more to pay for your college expenses such as books, office supplies, or any other small expenses that you have while you’re in college. There is no GPA requirement for this particular mom scholarship program, and you can apply online at your local University.

Every college will have a list of mom scholarships that you can qualify for, it is just a matter of you calling your particular University and finding out which programs are offered for single mothers. Also, be sure to ask about any other need-based scholarships that you may qualify for as well.

What is a need based scholarship?

A need-based scholarship is when you’re able to show that you do not have the finances to pay for college. Getting awarded these types of scholarships can get you in the door for additional scholarships and other grants that are offered by your University. As you can see the money is out there for you, and if you apply to numerous scholarships for moms programs, you will not have to worry about paying for college by yourself.

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