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Nowadays there are more opportunities for scholarships available as compared to before for the African American students. But it is a bit tough to find out the resources in form of African American scholarships if you are not aware of where to look for. Actually it is possible that you are frustrated at the lack of resources available and might be feeling like letting it go. It you are really dedicated towards going to college, and would like the source of funding to be available, it is necessary to take more efforts in finding out these resources.

Move forward:

You need to remember that the scholarships will not come to you. Even if you hate the procedure of looking for the scholarships, it is necessary to put in the hard work to attain the rewards. In this article we will see the various opportunities you have for African American scholarships and how to find out the most suitable for yourself. Remember it is you who needs to put in the legwork for processing the information and going for the scholarships which interest you and suit you the best.


If you want to get a scholarship for African American students, the list to follow will allow you to make your choice and also will tell you about how to apply for them. Remember this is not an extensive list but only a chosen quality scholarship offering group which will allow you to start your research. It is quite possible that all of them suit your needs or vice versa none of them do. In any event this list will help you find the scholarship opportunity which is right for you. So without a further ado here is the list:

-United Negro College Fund: These scholarships cover tuition fees, room charges, books and other fees. Visit their website for more information.

-American Institute of Certified Public Accountants: This is for the minority accounting students. Up to $5,000 are awarded for quality students. Visit the website for more details.

-Vivian Thomas Scholarship: This is available for science and medical students only. Visit their websites for details.

-Thurgood Marshall College Fund: This is a merit based scholarship. It can be used only for paying for room, books, boarding and tuition fees. Visit the website for more information.

It is a commonly accepted fact that attending the college is costly. It can be a torturous experience trying to look for scholarship opportunities for minority students. However if you have the fundamental information available it is easier to search. The single most important thing to remember while applying for scholarships is that you must be eligible for it. You will save a lot of time and trouble by ensuring that you are indeed eligible for a particular scholarship. To site an example, if you apply for journalism scholarship when you are looking to study science, it will be a waste of time.

If you are not sure about the field you are going to choose, then look for scholarship opportunities which accept students from all fields. An added advantage of this is that if you change your major during school years, it will still keep you eligible for the scholarship for African American scholarships. These are called open-ended scholarships and they do have the advantage that they are flexible enough for any major subject.

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